Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"The story"-THE WORLD ISLAND-Amanda Ellis

A DAY AT THE MALL from Amanda Ellis on Vimeo.
A proposed scenario of a day of a family at the narrative based shopping mall in underground Dubai. This animation was made with Keynote and was one of the tools to represent the concept of the shopping mall

A view inside the Forest narrative where the shopping determines the event. In this case, Starbucks determine  the narrative of the forest where coffee beans are grown from.

The desert narrative where people are acting out The Mummy. Visitors to the mall buy costumes and act out  what they want in the space provided.

The ocean narrative where visitors are acting out pirates of the Caribbean. Furthermore, This is the only space where there is a skylight opening up to the above "The World" islands which provides the same narrative.  

The clashing between the space and the modern city narrative where the scene of alien invasion in MIB is acted out  in between two narratives. Here, the shops also reflect the narrative it is in.

The mechanics of the artificial lighting. Triangular light boxes emits a colour which altogether, reflect different artificial skies. The diagram on the left shows each solid colour of how the different environment on the right hand diagram is made up.

The plan seen at the surface. There are 6 private yacht piers and 5 public boat piers. In addition. there are 6 entrances to the world islands from the underground mall.

The main area of the mall. The shops placement and shape are in relation to the triangular grid system so that it act as a boundary to the different narratives.The shops and the services also helps divide the large space into smaller areas for different narratives to happen.

The service area which is one floor below the main shopping area. This is where the trucks and the goods loading happens. 
The construction of the mall is a combination between cut and cover method  and tunnel boring method for the transportation tunnel for private cars and service trucks. The section shows the different levels and depth of the mall.

The site map and site analysis showing the potential customers and the existing activity of the site. The World Island focuses on very wealthy and powerful customers.

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