Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Dubai Liner mall

The Dubai linear mall
Location: Dubai Marina Business Bay
Size : 3.5 km long.

This rendering shows the overall night time image of the mall where the edges of the shops reveals its complexity to give extremely high intricacy of the space. The visitor can see the outside environment through the transparent glass. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Next station is Interchange Station - The Dubai Hub creative lifestyle Center - Belle Nutthapat Thanapoonyanan

The Dubai Hub - The Lifestyle Interchange Station

          The endless route of transports will bring you to places around the Dubai Hub, lifestyle Center. Refresh your everyday life on a public transportation, by spending only a few minute swap to the mall vehicle and stop by a cafe or spend time on Moving Starbuck Cabin. Our special moving cabin act like a train where it brings you to various parts of this village and it schedule to lapse with the city and express Metro line. Enchanted your ordinary life with this new experience of the underground mall. We promise the memorable moment with exotic and creative idea you never had before. Welcome to the Dubai Hub where everything connects for the future lifestyle.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The New Deira Mall - Deira - Ton Pasit Rojradtanasiri

The Space-Business Bay,Pornprapa Rugwongprayoon

Inside the most extreme part of the mall where you can see all the shops which all of them look similar and tend to blend into the same pattern. The red frames lit up to attract customers' attention.

The Collision Crater- Deira-- Pimlada Bunluthangthum

The rendering inside my underground shopping mall in the area where there is the surface of grass to hint different activities as an interactive space where people can sit and chill, walk around, bbq, and etc. while the other grass surface is meant for more sporting activities like soccer or golfing. Also as you can see in the rendering, there is a platform 5 meters from the ground where people walk on, which connects to ramps that leads to different parts of the shopping mall.

"The story"-THE WORLD ISLAND-Amanda Ellis

A DAY AT THE MALL from Amanda Ellis on Vimeo.
A proposed scenario of a day of a family at the narrative based shopping mall in underground Dubai. This animation was made with Keynote and was one of the tools to represent the concept of the shopping mall

The Dunes. Al Aweer Desert. Wachira Leangtanom

Monday, December 3, 2012

Saadiyat's Island Cultural district
Nott Varis Niwatsakul

The photo captured the 3 main spaces of "The Mall", the high end street of the Venatian adjacent to the  sandy walk, and occasionally camel racing track and occasionally erupted volcano with its seemingly hot red lava forming an informal souk shopping experience adjacent to the high end themed hotel.

Free JavaScript from 
Rainbow Arch
Final Simulator : Cultural + Semiotic Surrealism from Varis Niwatsakul on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Progress 26/9/2012

I re worked on my plan and reconsider the shops placement. Above, this the the shop placement for the forest narrative (the top) and the old city narrative (the left side) where according to the grid, I place the old city narrative as small alley ways leading up to a centralize space but visitors can also deviate at any point through the opening between the shops.
The forest narrative is in progress and will have spaces inside the rings. Also, it may have different individual shops scattered around the area.
I try to keep make each arrangement different but sticking to the grid lines.

Drawing Updates

Above ground level

-8m level

Review 23-11-12

Site Plan with opening and elevator on surface level                                                                                                                         

Plan with available activities and point of view for perspective rendering

Space Rendering ( from Right to Left) 

 Entrance dune of the project 
First climate 
The cape that connected with the sea
Ski slope above the cave connected by glass elevator core
 View from the Ice rink
Explode axonometric

Final Review Part 1